Yasmina Lantana Passeri is a young woman of 32 years old. Her life has been influenced by her Cameroonian and Martinican origins. Graduated with a Bachelor in Economics, she has been working as a Senior Consultant in Customer Relationship Management for several years in France and abroad. Nothing predestined Yasmina to develop an expertise in hair and especially in Afro hair. However 2012 marked a turning point in her life!


As many women, Yasmina experienced several hair technics: straightening, relaxing, transitionning, wigs, etc. All those trials made her hair damaged, dull and broke them a lot. One day, surfing on the Internet, Yasmina discovered various videos of Black girls with healthy natural and beautiful hair. Suddently, she clicked and decided to seriously take care of her hair !


For over three years, she has been developping and improving her knowledge in Hair. Then, she started a Hair journey that revealed the natural beauty of her hair. In 2015 she decided to publish her first book «Les secrets capillaires de Lantana – Avoir des cheveux beaux et sains quand on est noir ou métissé » - (Lantana’s hair secrets – To have beautiful and healthy Afro hair) to help women reveal their own hair beauty.


From this experience, Yasmina retains one essential thing: Hair shows a much more important part of oneself than we think. The love we bring to them reveals the love given to oneself.

"Trust your own beauty and ask yourself the relevant questions."


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